Narrated Roleplay instead of video ideas needed.

Sep 05, 2019

Hi everyone,

I frequently use custom branched scenarios in my eLearning projects and in all circumstances thus far, I've been able to provide the narrative for the scenarios, successfully.

My current eLearning client has provided me with a narrated role play, between two actors, (a park ranger and a park visitor), intended to be used to show a positive example of an interaction. It's just an audio file, with no images of the actors and the roles they are playing. It's professionally recorded, so it sounds good, and is approximately 4 minutes long. There was no money to produce a video, and instead they recorded a scripted role play and forwarded it to me. Rather than simply having the user listen to the recording, with a static image, I've run out of ideas of how to possibly approach this piece of content and make it engaging.

I've scoured to find images that could reflect the conversation and create a slide show effect, but I haven't found any adequate images.

Does anyone have any ideas you'd be willing to share? I've developed designers block!

Thank you so much for your ideas!

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Brian Allen

Lisa, have you considered using Articulates characters for this, the ones in the content library?

I like them because there are photographic and illustrated characters in a variety of poses.

You might think about picking a couple of characters and then inserting the characters in different poses at varying points of the audio recording.

Just one idea!

Lisa Anderson

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your idea! I appreciate your response. I did look at the characters, and agree, they offer many options for poses, and such. The challenge I have is that one of the actors, is a national park ranger, talking with a park visitor who is in a wheel chair, trying to participate in a scheduled group hike. While it might not ordinarily matter if the characters don't look the part, I think in this situation, it's the focus of the interaction between the two characters.

On another note, it appears only the illustrated characters have a wheelchair pose; not the actual photographed people. In this eLearning, illustrations/cartoon like images are inconsistent with the entire course's look and feel. 

It would be great if Articulate could add a few extra photographed people, without business attire, and in mobility disability poses. Sometimes illustrations aren't appropriate.

Thank you again, Brian. I appreciate it!

Brian Allen
Lisa Anderson

It would be great if Articulate could add a few extra people, (non-illustrated) without business attire, and  in mobility disability poses. Sometimes illustrations aren't appropriate.

+1 to this!

And I totally get the illustrated characters not going with the look and feel of the rest of the course. We always use photographic characters in the materials we design.

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