National Budget exercise

Sep 14, 2023

I am seeking suggestions on building an interactive exercise to help students understand the difficulties our leaders have in balancing the federal budget. I created an excel exercise where students can input their suggested spending for different line items in mandatory and discretionary spending. I provide feedback for each lesson...For example, if they cut Social Security, I comment that they just lost the senior citizen vote. I also include a section illustrating the importance of economic growth in balancing the budget. Unfortunately, it contains macros and Microsoft has several warnings. I would love to create a similar exercise in either Storyline or Rise. Suggestions???  Here is a link to the lesson. Thank you very much.

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Brian Dennis

Sounds like an interesting and educational project Bill. Storyline has the ability to collect decision points from the learner and respond through a series of data models you've probably coded in Excel. In essence your logic would need to be translated into Storyline format, with a mix of variables and custom code. I've done similar modeling modules for the solar installation, auto leasing and investor modeling sectors. Storyline is great at bringing "what if" models to life. Skills wise its a bit more advanced, but the creative elements make for some fun projects