Navigating between scenes in Storyline 3

Nov 29, 2017



I was wondering if there is a way to change scenes in Storyline 3 and resume where you left off in the previous scene. For example, I have 2 scenes, one is the main learning scene and the other is a tutorial on how to navigate the training screen. Is it possible to be several screens into the lesson, choose the tutorial and then exit the tutorial and end up back where you left off? Right now the way I have it set up is when you exit the tutorial you go back to the start of the lesson. Make sense?

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Kev Man

Have a TEXT variable called currentSlide.

On the base layer of each slide, set that variable to whatever unique name you gave that slide (s1s1 for section1 slide1).

Set a trigger on the first slide of the activity (in fact, a bunch of triggers) to jump to whatever slide you designate with a conditional of if currentSlide is equal to (the unique name you gave that slide)

I have only used this technique when i have a main menu as its own slide and i wish to return to the slide i was just on.  I don't know if it would work if you set the slide layer properties (the slide layers that have the triggers that set the variable currentSlide and the slide layer that had the triggers to jump to the last slide you were on when you left) to Resume to saved state when revisiting.

Im sure there is a better way,  Thats just what i came up with in a pinch last week.

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