Menu Slide - Quiz becoming available after Scenes have been completed

Jul 20, 2017

Hi - I have a menu slide that branches off into 3 different scenes and they come back to the menu after having completed every scene to complete the rest.  After completing the final scene, a "final assessment" tile becomes active that they click to take them to the quiz.  The final assessment button is activated by a variable that changes to true once all of the scenes have been clicked/visited.  Currently the slide works this way when previewing the slide, but when you add in the full scenes, once you click the third scene you can see the "final assessment" become active as the slide changes to the third scene, but when you come back at the end of the third scene, the "Final Assessment" button is back to being disabled.  I have the scene properties set to "resume saved state" when revisiting.  Any suggestions of where I have gone wrong would be great!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Rebekah!  Thanks for sharing your project file.  I'm hungry now, by the way.  😃

I changed your triggers and states to make it work:

  1. I changed the initial state of the Final Assessment button to disabled.  Doing so allowed me to also delete the trigger to change the state to disabled when the timeline started, as I think that trigger was firing when returning to the slide despite the other trigger to change it to normal.
  2. The trigger to change Final Assessment to normal was set to happen when the Complete variable changed.  When learners are revisiting the slide, however, the variable had already changed.  So the state change trigger never fires.  

    I tweaked that trigger to fire when the timeline starts IF Complete is true.  When the learners return to the slide, and Complete is true, the timeline will start, and the trigger will fire.

It seems to work with my initial testing.  Have a look at your modified file, and let me know if that works for you!

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