Is it possible to lock just 1 scene in Menu navigation?

Jun 12, 2020

Hello Heroes!

I'm using Storyline 3 to build a course with multiple scenes, followed by an assessment.

Scene 1 is required to be viewed first, and then the user can navigate to any of the other scenes, in any order. This requires the Menu navigation to be set to "Free." The main navigation slide is at the end of Scene 1. When the user completes each additional scene, they are returned to this navigation slide.

HOWEVER, we want to keep the assessment locked down (or hidden?) until they have completed all the scenes. Is there a way to lock just one scene so they can't jump ahead into the assessment via the Menu?

I've read through a few articles and discussions here, but I haven't found out if it's possible. I've considered turning off the Menu in the Player and just having the Next/Prev. button available, but we'd prefer to have the Menu available too.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Keith,

Here's one solution that let's you keep the player Menu:

  • Remove all of the assessment slides from the player Menu. (If the assessment doesn't show in the player Menu, the user can't click ahead to it.)
  • On your navigation slide, add a button that accesses the Assessment. Set its initial state either to Hidden or Disabled.
  • Add a trigger that changes the state of that button to Normal when the timeline starts -- but only when desired conditions are met. 
    • In your case, that's when all of the scenes have been viewed.
    • Track that using variables. For example:
      • Create a T/F variable for each scene, with an initial value of False.
      • On the last slide of each scene, add a trigger that changes the corresponding variable to True. 
      • For the trigger controlling the Assessment button, change the button state with the conditions that all of the variables are True. 
      • Note: To ensure this trigger executes every time a user returns to this slide, have the slide "Reset to initial state" when revisiting. Or, if there are animations on the timeline that you don't want to repeat on revisiting, do this: Put the trigger on a blank layer, and set the layer properties to "Reset to initial state." You'll also need a trigger on the base layer to show that blank layer when the timeline starts.

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