Free navigation within a scene but locked between scenes

Hi everyone,

I have a project consisting of two scenes. I have a question in the first scene and depending on their answer, they can proceed with the second scene with free navigation. They have to answer that question. But it seems there is no way to set the menu navigation option separately for each scene. Any suggestion how to lock the menu of the second scene till they answer the questions??



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Josh Uhlig

Each slide has a settings option that allows you to remove next or previous buttons.  You can do that for the slide that contains the question and remove any triggers that might advance the presentation (except for submitting the answer to the question, of course).  You should also choose "Slide advances: By User".

Josh Uhlig

Ah yes, I misunderstood that you were refering to the menu alone.  You can set the menu navigation to Restricted which will allow them to use the menu to go back to any slide that has already been viewed, but they won't be able to go forward.  This means that even within the same scene, they won't be able to move forward.

I don't believe there is any other option with the standard Articulate menu to accomplish what you desire.