Navigating from Layers

Jun 05, 2015

I am a fairly new Storyline 2 user, and am creating a tutorial using the Tabs Interaction template (first one listed in the Templates section within Storyline when you click "New Slide").  Each tab on the base layer has a trigger leading to a new layer.  I assumed each of these layers would be like a section slide introducing a new topic with a brief summary.

But after reading a brief summary about the new topic on each layer, I want the Next button to lead to new slides about that topic.  However, it appears that the Next button on each layer is controlled only by the base layer.  So clicking the Next buttons on each layer would all lead to the same slide as the one on the base layer.

Is there a way to make the Next buttons on the layers go to different slides, or should I just not use this tabs interaction template for this type of tutorial?

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