Preventing slide advancement until all layers are viewed

I am using the four tabs template for single slide interactions. It has 4 layers. Using a variable, I am trying to prevent the user from advancing to the next slide until the state of all 4 buttons are visited. However, because the buttons on the base layer are hidden and the buttons repeat on each layer I am having a hard time making this variable work. Any suggestions on how to best use this template with the needed variable?

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Michael Hinze

Here is an example that shows two options to prevent users from going to the next slide before all layers on a slide have been viewed. One option uses True/False variables which start out as false and are set to True as each layer is viewed. There is a condition on the Next button that only jumps to the next slide if all variables are True. The second option uses the Visited state of the layer buttons as a conditions on the Next button. Only if all buttons are in Visited state does clicking the Next button jump to the next slide. You could apply either of these options to your project. Hope that gives you some ideas.

Amy Stueck

Not sure that this answered my questions as I am already using variables (true/false) and states. 

On the base slide I have used a variable and set up a trigger to change the variable to true once the state of all tabs are 'visited'. On each of the layers the tabs move therefore, the template was set such that the tabs on the base layer are hidden on the layers and the tabs are added and moved around on each layer. What do I need to do to ensure that all the duplicate tabs on each layer change to visited so that once all three tabs are visited, they can click next? I would like the user to be able to visit the tabs in any order.

Greg Faust

If I'm following correctly, there's a flow of information problem:

You would just check for a "Visited" state on each button; however, you need to check whether ANY of the multiple copies of each button has been visited.

I would declare a True/False variable for each button (not counting duplicates). I think this is what Michael was suggesting.

For example:





Here's the key: On every copy of button A, attach the trigger, "On Click, Set ButtonAVisited = True".

Do likewise for buttons B, C and D.

Then on your "Next Slide" button trigger, add the four conditions:

If ButtonAVisited == True

AND If ButtonBVisited == True

AND If ButtonCVisited == True

AND If ButtonDVisited == True

This way, the individual buttons don't matter; as long as ANY copy of A has been clicked, the system recognizes it.