Next button appearing early

Hi all,

I have a slide with 7 layers that you can get to from the main layer; layer 7 and 4 layers that need to be reviewed, too.

I want the learner to review all layers before advancing, so I have my next button hidden until all layers have been visited.

However, once you click on step 7 (bottom button), the next button appears. How do I delay this action until the 3 buttons on layer 7 are visited?

Attached is the file.

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Katie Evans

Hi Wendy,

I'd like to have the learners go back to the base slide (where steps 2-7 are) after they've reviewed steps 8a,b,c from step 7. Right now, the next button appears once they're finished with step 7 (which is correct), but I need it to stay hidden until steps 8a,b,c and 9 are visited, too.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

I put it on the layer where I want it to happen after it checks for specific conditions and in this case I may have misunderstood your base layer requirements - sorry I was focussed on 8a8b8c and there may have been a couple of ways to do it.

Hope the project goes well Katie.