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Nov 22, 2017

I have an image that I have placed hotspots onto. These are connected to triggers that bring in a lightbox that shows a video. I'd like the user to only be able to click and forward to the next slide, when they've completed watching all of the videos, which will require them to click and watch all 11 hotspots.

I looked at this video:

but am still having issues. I'd post the .story file with this posting but it's too large.

Anyone please?

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Sze Wai Dreger

Hi Lawrence,

I tried this out and it works me. 

  • I added hotspots and assigned them to play media when the user clicks. 
  • Then created boolean variables for each hotspot with default value of false.
  • Added another trigger on each hotspot to adjust the variable of that hotspot to true when clicked.
  • Then on the Jump to Next slide trigger, adjusted the trigger to jump to next slide when all the hotspot variables are true.  Ensure that it is all and not or.

And that should work.  If you're still having issues, I would display the variables on the slide to make sure that it is being adjusted as your clicking on the videos.  And another option could be to disable the Next button when the slide starts and enable the Next button when all the variables are true.

Hope that helps,

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