Navigation is locked even though "Free" is selected in player menu

Good morning, all!   I LOVE this community, BTW.

However, I'm having an ongoing issue that I haven't been able to figure out.  My course navigation is set to FREE (I did remove the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons because I wanted the learner to "flip" though the pages a la reading a book). Even when one scene has been fully viewed, though, the menu won't let the learner revisit the previous scene -- much less advance to the next.  I have fiddled a lot with the menu options and other options, so maybe I've inadvertently deactivated something.  Not sure, but this is sure annoying because it's like the menu is view only, not activated.

HELP.  I've attached a short snip of my module so you can dissect and hopefully tell me what I need to do (or undo).  

Thanks in advance!


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Linda Burke

Walt, that change worked like a charm.  Instead of titling the scenes, I now show them as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc., titling the first slide in the scene with the chapter title.  I'm now able to flip forwards and backwards in the course. Awesomeness!!! Thanks immensely.  And I've already repurposed BARE for my own use.Of course.  Sharing and repurposing is the very essence of caring!