Navigation restriction till user views all tabs storyline 2

Jul 26, 2017


Just created a 4 tab slide in Storyline 2.

I want the learner to view all tabs before moving to the next slide.

Please help me with the navigation triggers. Tried couple of them but they dont seem to be working for me. 

Note: I have disabled the course navigation and created my own set of back and next navigation buttons with triggers.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Ragini Kadam

Hi Sowmya Chowdary,

Thank you so much for this. 

In the same story, see slide 1.8 with the green line motion path tabs... I wanted some help with that one too..

1. the tab animation gets disturbed when i am adding or deleting anything from the slide.

2. My tabs just have a Normal state. In this case how do i restrict the user from going ahead without seeing all the tabs?

3. In the interaction i have created 4 layers so how should my Next and Back buttons be placed? I am sure they should be seen on all layers.. I am so confused about this one.

Please help.





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