Navigation using Pause and Playback

I am having an issue with a slide that contains audio and images that display at different times. When published, if the slide is paused and the navigation is bar is moved manually, the display includes images from the previous frame where the slide was paused. Is there a trigger that needs to be put in place or a work around that will prevent icons/buttons from other frames from displaying when the nav bar is manually moved? You can see in the second attachment overlap of the arrows, however there is no overlap in the timeline. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Montana,

Without having your .story file and slides in hand, it's difficult to know what I'm looking at in these images. Are you able to provide those here for us to take a look at? If so, you can upload at this link using the Add Attachment button or you can always share privately with our Support Engineers. Either way, we'll delete it when done testing.