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Jun 26, 2013

Is it possible to remove the X from the slide, allowing the next button to force users from viewing the next lightbox slide rather than returning to a previous slide

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Pete Dunford

I appreciate this is an old thread, but it came up when i was trying to solve this problem so i thought i would put the solution on here.

You can remove the X from the lightbox, but it involves editing the code in your .story file. This removes the cross from all lightboxes in the file and therefore from ANY published files created from it. I suggest you wait until you've finished building your resource before doing this for efficiency, though.

Copy your .story file in case something goes wrong!

Rename your copied file from .story to a .zip and extract.

Navigate to story > slides and locate all the slides associated with a lightbox – both the slides that are launching lightboxes and the slides that are being lightboxed (the slide name comes near the top of the xml file so consider putting LB at the beginning of each slide name in Storyline before starting this process for ease of identification)

Look for ltBxClse= near the bottom of the .xml file of each of those slides and change the value from true to false (part of the navData class).

When you’ve altered all the necessary .xml files, select all the folders and files within the root folder and send to compressed file (don’t select the root folder itself as this will add an extra folder).

Rename the compressed file from .zip to .story

Enjoy lightboxes without the red cross and don’t forget to include a close trigger on your lightboxed slide!

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