Need a Creative Solution

Aug 15, 2013

Howdy Talented People!

I need your assistance with a development task. I have created an odometer - which serves as a menu.

Here is what I need it to do:

1. I want the images to highlight upon rollover

2. ALSO...upon rollover, I want the needle to point to the graphic.

3. And then I want to attach a sound effects trigger on the rollover as well.

...I know...I'm ambitious.

I understand how to do states and get the hover effect, however its a more complex when its a dual action hover.

My can this be achived - or a similar effect. Here is a shot of my design.

Thanks Peeps!

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Matthew Graham

Hey Melissa!

Try this -

1. Create a state and name it "Hover" so it assumes the characteristics of the default hover state.  In the new state, select the object and add a glow effect.  Then make the needle point at the object.

2. Create a trigger that says play media-->media file-->when user hovers over object.

3. You may need to put the needle all the way to left by default and have it disappear when the hover state is active. (if you want the needle to appear from the very start.

I made a quick example.

By the way - cool idea.

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