Need an automatic and random options Quiz


I am creating a quiz where there are 8 questions. each question has 3 options. none of the option is wrong. Depending on the option selected feedback is shown at the end (after 8th question). scores are not calculated. I dont need a next/submit button. As soon as an option is selected, it to move to next question. Also my options should be randomized.

I tried doing it manually but am not able to randomize the options.

Also when i tried it with default quiz template, i can randomize the options but I can't automatically move to next question.

How should I proceed?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shruti, 

A few things to look at - 

  1. To randomize questions you can add them to a Question Bank, and that'll do all the work for you.
  2. The built-in quiz question format will allow you to randomize the answer choices, and you can set it to not include a score as you've done. 
  3. If you'd like the slides to automatically jump to the next slide, set the trigger to "Submit interaction when the user clicks option A B or C" (multiple triggers) or "when the state of A B or C is equal to X" also similar to what you've done. 

I noticed your variables are not adjusted, and it doesn't seem that there is time because the state change of the button occurs first. It looks like you're trying to build a "personality quiz" style assessment, so you may want to look at the examples here to get started.