Need help - File mentioned in manifest but missing in zip file

Sep 02, 2015

Hi !

I'm trying to upload one of my zipped files to my LMS but I got error message saying that there's a file mentionned in the manifest that is not found in the zip fold. The file is Mobile/logo.jpg

I wonder if this is a file I added to the course or this is part of the automatic files that are created with the project. What kind of files is the MOBILE folder supposed to hold ?

So far, I've tried experimenting with the export options. In the past I successfully uploaded files created on the same computer to the same LMS. I'm still running Storyline 1 but I don't think that's related.

I've been through every slide in my file but there's no picture called logo.jpg.

There's no picture in the player either.

Any information on how to solve this problem is welcome.

Can I just delete the line in the manifest that mentions this file ? How do I repackage the zip file after that ?

Should I add any file and name it logo.jpg in the output and then zip it ?

Thanks for your help !

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Fabrice Darrigrand

The developers of the platform says they can't do anything about it. The validation of SCORM on the platform is very rigorous and that's all.

Still I managed to solve my problem. Here's how :

1. published the course again but before I zipped it, 

2. I opened the folder, found the manifest and deleted the problematic line referring to an absent file

3. zipped the file using articulate

4. imported it

And it went through without a problem.

Thanks myself for solving my own problem :)

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