Need help getting button in hidden state to change to normal, please!

Jun 02, 2020

I can't figure out why a button I have in hidden state won't change to normal when all of the triggers should be getting activated. I'm at a loss and am now seeking other sets of eyes to see what I'm missing.

When the five Priority layers are visited (and therefore their button states have changed to visited), once the user comes back from the fifth layer, the More info button that's been in a hidden state should change to normal state and become visible, but it's not. It's remaining hidden.

Once that's fixed, the next thing that should happen is the user clicks the More info button to view the associated layer and when they do the disabled Next button should change to the Normal state, too, so they can advance to the next slide. I've attached a file that has the triggers I've got set up right now. 

Help is appreciated!

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Hong Phuong LE


I downloaded your file and i got the same problem as you, the "More info" remain hidden. But i tried creating 2 other buttons (one with Shape and one with Text Box), they both works fine. Maybe it's just a bug from your Storyline, i get strange behavior sometimes too.


Here is the file that i created 2 others buttons (pj)


Walt Hamilton

"When state of ..." is not an action, so there is nothing there to initiate your trigger to change the state of more info.  Articulate won't acknowledge it as a bug, because sometimes it works. It almost never works with more than three objects with states. So you need to find something that happens (is a real action) to fire your trigger. i suggest  the button that hides the layer. Add to it a trigger to change the state of more info when the user clicks, if all the states are visited. And in the meantime, submit a bug report. If enough of us do that, they will fix this so it works like it seems it should.

Jeff Forrer

My suggestion would be to not have all of the settings you have selected on your layers for Slide Layer Properties.  I am not sure what this final slide looks like, does it have audio thus why you are pausing the timeline of the base layer? 

I would put a white box (background) on each layer so as to cover the base layer when shown and remove the "Hide objects on base layer" options you have selected on each of your layer as well as "Prevent the user from clicking on base layer" which the background added on the layers will help with.  Removing "Pause timeline of base layer" does not seem necessary either, however again not sure what you are doing if you have audio etc.

I believe the issue has to do with the pausing of the timeline of base layer, if you have to do that, I would add a trigger to resume it (even though it does) prior to the close trigger (x) on each layer, that should do it.  

If there is no audio, I would shorten your timeline and have the 5 buttons come up right away vs. 10 seconds in.

All about timing, but if you can let me know if there is more to the slide happy to help.  I can get it to work by removing some of the above as suggested.  Good luck.

NOTE:  If you don't change a thing and if you click all buttons on your timeline and return BEFORE the timeline ends, it works every time, but if you let the timeline end, it will not. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for reaching out about this! I am glad to see that you were able to find a workaround and for the great tips that others in the community have provided. 

I wanted to share that our team is looking into a similar issue that you described in your post. I am going to include your voice in the report and make sure this is brought to the right team. If there is any change in this bug's status, we'll be sure to share the news here! 

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