Show additional layer after all other layers visited

I have a slide where I want students to visit information on 3 layers.  I then want a 4 layer of summary info to appear, but ONLY after they have visited all of the other 3 layers. I also want the Next button to stay disabled until the timeline on the 4th layer ends.

I have tried numerous variable settings and cannot get the 4th layer to appear. I even tried adding a hidden Continue button that triggers the 4th layer and set the button to hidden state and to not change to normal state until after the other 3 layers have been visited. That option didn't work either.  I am totally stumped on how to get this to work.

I created a sample version of what I'm trying to accomplish since my project has proprietary info and cannot share that file.

So to summarize, I want the students to click 3 items to view 3 layers of info. When they close the 3rd layer, I want the info on the 4th layer to appear or have a button appear to access the 4th layer. Either option is fine with me. Once the 4th layer timeline ends, then the Next button should turn to Normal state.

Thank you!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kimberly,

In the attached version 2 of your Storyline file I have removed the Layer4 and Slide_Complete variables and replaced them with three new True/False variables, Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited and Layer3Visited. These are all initially set to False and change to True when their respective layer Close buttons are clicked.

I have set three new triggers on the base layer that show Layer 4 when either Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited or Layer3Visited change, provided the other two are True. Having all three options as triggers ensures that Layer 4 will appear irrespective of which order the first three layers are visited.

In addition, I have placed a trigger on Layer 4 that changes the state of the Next button to Normal when the timeline ends for Layer 4. I have also removed the Continue button.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, just get back with another post.

Craig Cecchini

Hey, Ned. I followed your instructions for the same application in my project, and the final layer shows up as expected, however, I want my user to be able to cycle through the layers again, or completely reload the slide.

As of now, I have an image with shape layers that trigger sub layer visibility. After all sub layers that I want the user to see have been visited, I have a "Next Activity" layer appear. However, if the user doesn't click the "Next Activity" button and wants to cycle through the sub layers again, the "Next Activity" sub layer doesn't return after the user has cycled through the sub layers a second time. I have an invisible shape layer that I had hoped would reload the slide and reset the variables I had made in your original explanation. I have set both the base layer and "Next Activity" layer to reset to initial state as well. Any light you could shed on the subject would be a huge help. I've attached an example of the slide in question.

Walt Hamilton

I can shed light on two dark spots.

On the Next Activity layer, the Next Activity button can never be clicked, because it is covered by Rectangle 1.


Clicking on Rectangle doesn't reset the variables, because the first trigger that executes when user clicks on Rectangle 1 is the "Jump to slide trigger. Even if you jump to the same slide, once a jump is initiated, the execution of the rest of the trigger list is halted, and the variables are not reset. The jump to trigger is always last, whether you put it there or not,  because no trigger after it is ever executed.