Show additional layer after all other layers visited

I have a slide where I want students to visit information on 3 layers.  I then want a 4 layer of summary info to appear, but ONLY after they have visited all of the other 3 layers. I also want the Next button to stay disabled until the timeline on the 4th layer ends.

I have tried numerous variable settings and cannot get the 4th layer to appear. I even tried adding a hidden Continue button that triggers the 4th layer and set the button to hidden state and to not change to normal state until after the other 3 layers have been visited. That option didn't work either.  I am totally stumped on how to get this to work.

I created a sample version of what I'm trying to accomplish since my project has proprietary info and cannot share that file.

So to summarize, I want the students to click 3 items to view 3 layers of info. When they close the 3rd layer, I want the info on the 4th layer to appear or have a button appear to access the 4th layer. Either option is fine with me. Once the 4th layer timeline ends, then the Next button should turn to Normal state.

Thank you!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kimberly,

In the attached version 2 of your Storyline file I have removed the Layer4 and Slide_Complete variables and replaced them with three new True/False variables, Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited and Layer3Visited. These are all initially set to False and change to True when their respective layer Close buttons are clicked.

I have set three new triggers on the base layer that show Layer 4 when either Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited or Layer3Visited change, provided the other two are True. Having all three options as triggers ensures that Layer 4 will appear irrespective of which order the first three layers are visited.

In addition, I have placed a trigger on Layer 4 that changes the state of the Next button to Normal when the timeline ends for Layer 4. I have also removed the Continue button.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, just get back with another post.