Need Help in finding Articulate Storyline Story Data File

Mar 05, 2014

I recently lost the "Articulate Storyline Story" date file; (the one that allows me to open up Storyline) and I need to update a presentation that I have upload in my LMS.  The good news is that, I still have the compressed zip file for that missing presentation.  My problem is I can't find the file with the zip file that will allow me to open the project using Articulate Storyline.  I have found the file where I can play on the web, but I need the file that will open Storyline.  

Anyone have any suggestions.  I have been searching for several hours.


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Mike Taylor

Unfortunately the source file doesn't get packaged with the published output. Although I do know some people who archive their courses by adding the source file to their published output and any other sources files then combine them into one big .zip file. Which makes it easy for anyone who needs to make updates in the future. Good luck Patrick I hope you find it!

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