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Mar 26, 2020

Still a new Articulate user. Using Storyline, I've been fighting with interactions all day. This is the 4th one that I got so far and can't make it work but I can't keep throwing out hours of work when i get stuck. :P

I had a list of 26 skills that I wanted people to categorize as soft or hard skills, but that didn't seem possible. So then I thought I'd cherry pick 6 to 9 and have them categorize those. Couldn't figure that out either. Now I am trying to make these drop down boxes work. 


I want monitoring to be correct if they choose that for the hard skill and willingness to learn for the soft skill. I want any other options to be incorrect. I can't seem to figure out where I screwed up the logic. I've been using one that I found in a thread as a template, but I still can't figure out why:

I can't get it to read correct or incorrect
Why when I choose a choice, I can't see what I chose in the box.

Please help, so frustrated!

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Walt Hamilton

First, take out the trigger Set state of ... to Selected when user clicks  ...  If an object has a selected state, it is set to selected when you click it. If you create a trigger that duplicates that built-in state, you set yourself up for potential ugly conflicts.

Second, change the submit buttons to choose Correct or Incorrect layers depending on the states of the two choices you want.

Show Correct when user clicks Submit if the state of monitoring is Selected AND the state of Willingness is Selected.

The other one is Show Incorrect when user clicks Submit if the state of Motivation is not Selected OR the state of Willingness is not selected.

Note that both must be right to be right, but  if either is wrong, the answer is wrong.

As to the choice showing, when the slide was imported or copied, the triggers to show the new states of the drop downs were not copied. They all showed unassigned, so they need to be changed.

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