Using Triggers to branch feedback on multiple attempt quizzes

Apr 15, 2016

I am trying to do a drag and drop where I have feedback increase it's help with more attempts. The problem I am having is that my layers work, my variables work, but because I have 3 things they need to drag and drop in order to get it right. After first incorrect attempt if they get it right, the correct layers do not work. I have tried to use True/False variables, but because there are three wrong answers, I cannot figure out how make it work. It is slide 5. So basically I want it to count the attempts and give one feedback on the first incorrect attempt and a different feedback on the second incorrect attempt while still giving correct feedback ever get it right.

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Cathy James

Thanks for the challenge, Amy! I went ahead and assumed that this is purely a learning opportunity for the user and you don't need to track this as an assessment question? If that's a correct assumption, here's how I solved your issue:

I removed the Freeform question from the slide, and added my own Submit button and feedback layers. Then I added a Counter (off-slide), and used two variables to make it all work.

Variable (Hint2) adds value +1 when the user clicks Submit.

Variable (Counter1) adds value +1 when an incorrect answer is dropped into the trash, and +0 when the correct answer is dropped.

Layers then appear based on the value of these two variables. And Counter1 re-sets each time they re-try the question.

Hope this helps.

(If you DO need to track this as an assessment Q, perhaps someone else in the community can shed some light?)



Amy Schuster

Sorry I was not able to get back to this until last night. I tried it out (and I so appreciate the help) but I found that with the new setup for some reason even if they answered the correct answer on the third try it still said it was wrong. I cannot figure out what to do? Any other thoughts Leslie? This why I used the True/False variable instead of the count as I did on the other questions. This is my first attempt using True/False. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

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