Need help - thought I saw remote access help for Storyline somewhere but can't find it

Hello everyone,

I am building my first course and, after creating well over 100 slides, I have run into a roadblock - after spending in excess of 10 hours trying to build and rebuild the slide (which I think shouldn't be that hard), I'm feeling that I won't be able to solve this problem without help.  I remember seeing somewhere that you could purchase remote access help for Storyline but I can't seem to find it.  If you know where I can get this help, please send me the link.

Thanks very much.


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Gates Cooney


Thank you very much for this.  I'm a bit shy given that this is my first project and I suspect I am just not familiar enough with the tool - my mistakes are probably rookie ones.

There are three slides where I am trying to accomplish the same results.  I would like for the learner to have reviewed all ten slides before being able to click to the next slide.  I tried to use variables with a trigger so that the learner could not move to the next slide until all ten (or 11) layers had been clicked on. 

I suspect that the way I designed the slide is the problem.  I came very close to having it work but for some reason could not get what I needed done in the end.





Wendy Farmer

Hi Gates

see attached...I only worked on the first slide. 

Base layer:

Created a trigger 'change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on xx slide'

Step 10 layer:

Created a trigger 'change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts on layer 10' - (this could be changed to when timeline ends, when user clicks something - any condition you like)

This may work for you - otherwise, let me know what variables you have set up and your preferences for hiding or disabling the Next button and if you have any conditions on the layers (user must listen to all audio, wait till timeline ends) - that way you can change the condition of when the Next button becomes active.

Crystal Horn

Hey Gates!  Glad you are all fixed up!  Big thanks to Wendy for taking a look and lending a hand.  Don't ever feel shy about posting a question or sharing your project!  You never know who YOU'RE helping out!  This community is great for everyone to learn from each other-- no issue too big or small.  :)