Need Help With Basic Layers Problem


Not sure why, but I'm have a problem with a simple action I'm hoping someone can shed some light on for me. 

On my base layer I have a button. When the user clicks the button a layer is triggered with a shape containing text and audio plays. Upon completion of the audio the layer closes and the user is returned to the base layer. 

What I would like to happen is, if the user clicks on the button again after the first visit, I would like the layer to trigger (so the user can read the text) but I do not want the audio to play.

I have tried variables, I have tried state changes of objects on the layer, I have resume saved state selected, but the audio still plays. I have had minimal success in that on the first revisit the audio didn't play, but on subsequent visits the audio starts up again, experimenting with variables and state changes, but like I said, on clicking on the button the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, time the audio starts playing again.

Thanks for any help!


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steve siwek

I finally figured it out! I created a variable where I add 1 to the vaiable when the user clicks on the button. Then I created a trigger in which the audio stopped when the variable for the button was 2 or greater. This way the user can click the button and read the content without the audio playing.