Help needed in stopping audio on slide with multiple layers

May 16, 2018

Hi, I have attached the slide in question...

I have audio on the base layer, there are multiple other layers created to share additional information when the user clicks on them. There is no audio on these layers. 

The user has to go back to the base layer to access the other layers. Every time they return to the base layer the audio starts again. 

This is what is happening:

User listens to base layer, audio ends (lots of users won't wait till the audio ends!)

User clicks on icon and is taken to that layer - reads content

User returns to the base layer by clicking on a button to choose another layer for information

Base layer audio starts again! 

I would like to change the last step to no audio plays after it initially plays when they arrive at the slide.

Hope this makes sense...



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

see attached. I created a T/F variable and triggers to control the audio. I also added a button overlay on your buttons if you don't want them to click on them until the audio has completed. Changed your slide revisit to 'resume saved state' and on the layers instead of jump to slide 1.3, a 'hide layer this layer' trigger when they click the button - I only did this on the first layer.

Hope this helps

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