Storyline 2 - Layers and Audio in each layer and stopping the audio from the base and any layer if another layer is clicked

Jun 29, 2016

I have a great interaction, with 6 layers. Base and layers each have audio. Layers are hidden initially.  When a button on the base is clicked, the associated layer plays, including the audio.  There is no visual change on the base layer other than the button clicked state is changed to visited.

What I want is if the base or any layer is in the middle of playing, and the user clicks another layer, that base or layer audio stops and the new layer plays.  

Any clue on how to make that happen?  I try adding a trigger on the base and for each layer that says 'stop media (specific audio file in that layer) when the user clicks unassigned.'  However although I create that trigger and save it, it is not entered in the base or layer that I assigned it to...

Thanks..... Dave

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david varga

I should say that since I posted this, I clicked the gear icon on each layer to pause the base layer audio.  That part is solved.

However the problem that remains is if I am listening to and in the middle of  layer 2 and I click layer 3, I hear both layer 2 and 3 audios concurrently.  How can I stop the layer 2 audio and just listen to layer 3 audio?

John Policarpio

Hi Ashley, 

I am having a slightly similar issue as David. 

When my one layer ends, it starts playing audio of all the other layers even if I selected a check box to hide other layers. 

at first i remedied this by creating a trigger that plays the audio of a particular slide when the timeline starts. however, this trigger removes seekbar functionality which i need so i can't create a trigger for the audio. 

i just want the audio to play in its layer, then automatically jump back to base slide after the audio completes. even with these triggers setup, i get a really brief audio clip of another layer then it jumps back to base slide. 

any thoughts? 

Indrani Sen

Hi Ashley,

I have a project with 10 tabs organized in 10 different layers. Each layer has its own audio. I noticed that the audio from the next layer continues to play. Ideally, I do not want any audio from the next layer unless I click on that specific tab/layer. Here is the file.
Thanks so much for your help,

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