How to trigger a layer after multiple Audio files are listened to?

Jul 27, 2015

I am trying to have a "return to Main Screen" button appear only after the user has clicked on and listened to all buttons on the screen.   I have a slide with multiple buttons.  Each button plays an Audio track.  I can set a trigger on each button to "Play media" when clicked on the base layer or I can place the Audio tracks in separate layers and trigger the button to "show Layer" when clicked.  I am having trouble back onthe base layer getting the "Return to Main screen" button to appear only after the user has clicked on/listened to all of the buttons.  I tried a slide trigger of Show layer, when: State, All of (the buttons) are Visited.

In preview, when I clicked the last button it did not play the audio.  it moved me to the other layer.  How can I fix this.  thanks for any help     

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Kamil Nowek

If you want to be sure that user listen your audio till the end, you have to add on the timeline ends trigger using variables or states:
- on the each layer, when timeline ends, set trigger variable "one" (on the each layer use other variable) to true and change state of your "Return to Main screen" button to normal (was hidden) if your variable "one", "two", "three" and "four" are true;
- or using states - when timeline ends, change your button which show your layer with audio to "my_state" and set trigger on the base layer "change "Return to Main screen" button to normal if states button1, button2, button3, button4 are "my_state"

Brian Allen

Hello all,

To build on Kamil's advice, there is a thread here that walks thru the steps needed to make this happen and includes a sample .story file.  It's not the exact same scenario but you should be able to adapt it to what you're doing, as the same process is needed.

Hope this helps!

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