Slide/layer audio probs - Wanting to stop slide audio, not pause

Apr 14, 2014

I have slides within my story that have audio that plays automatically when the slide starts (Narrator).  These slides have layers within them (triggered by hotspots) that also have audio that plays automatically when the layer is clicked.  

Currently, I have only found out how to PAUSE the timeline of the base layer when a user selects a layer.  Then, when they X out of the layer, the base layer audio picks right back up where it left off, mid-sentence.  This is a problem.  My users may go click-crazy and want to navigate on their own, without waiting for the base layer audio to finish before clicking layers.  It creates quite a cacophony. 

Is there a way to disable the base layer audio if a user clicks on a slide layer?  Then potentially have them be able to click "Play" to pick the base layer audio back up once they are back on the base slide only if they want it?

Otherwise, unless they listen to the entire base layer before clicking on a hotspot for a slide layer, they will go back and forth between two different narrations every time they X out of a layer.  Am I making sense?  Please help me find a solution.  We were hoping to roll this out tomorrow. 

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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Jennifer!

 Follow the below procedure :

1. Add a trigger on the base slide :- (This trigger should be positioned above all other triggers.)

Action : Play Media

Media : "Select the audio u want to play for this my file its sound 1."

When : Timeline Starts

2. Add a trigger on the base slide :- (Place this trigger above the show layer trigger)

Action : Pause Media

Media : "Select the same audio that u selected in the first trigger i.e. sound 1 in my file"

When : "Select the object clicking at which u want the user to move on the next layer i.e. Go to layer one button, in my file"

3. Set a new trigger on the base slide ;-

Action : Show layer

Layer : (The layer u wish to appear)

When : User Clicks

Object : Go to layer 1 button (u will select ur own object)

4. Create a new true/false variable with a default value of false which is named  "play sound" in my file.

5. Insert a button on the base slide through which u wish the audio to play again if user revisits....set its initial state to disabled.

6. Add a trigger on the base slide :-

Action : Change state of

On Object : "Select the same button by which u want the user to play the audio if he revisits."

To state : Normal

When : Variable Changes

Variable : "Named play sound in my file....u may choose whatever name u have opted for ur variable."

7. Set a trigger on the base slide :-

Action ; Play Media

Media : Sound 1 (U will choose ur audio name)

When : User Clicks

Object : Play audio button ( u will select ur object)

8. Place a trigger on the layer from which u want to give the user choice to go back to the base slide :

Action : Adjust variable

Variable : Play sound (Choose the name of ur variable)

Value : Value  true

When : User Clicks

Object : Return to slide button (Choose the object, clicking at which u want the user to go back to slide.)

8. Set another trigger on the layer ;

Action : Hide layer

Layer : This Layer

When : User Clicks

Object : Return to slide button ( u will choose ur desired object)

9. Go to layer properties and check "Prevent user from clicking on the base layer."

Note : This function will not work properly if u select jump to slide option instead of hide layer. Therefore, do keep in mind to use hide layer option on all the layers even if u dont want a user to be able to return from a certain layer. For example, u may use hide layer option when time line ends for slide or some particular object. However, do keep in mind that hide layer when time line ends can be found by default in layer properties.

I am attaching the file for ur reference.

Helen Tyson

Hi Jennifer,

What I'd do is place a second trigger on each hotspot to Stop Media so when you click any of the hotspots they will open their designated layer and stop the audio on the base. The advantage of using the Stop Media trigger is that it will 'stop and rewind' rather than just 'pause' and it won't automatically restart.

Then I'd add a button labelled Replay Audio, with a Play Media trigger added, on the base that is initially hidden but is changed to Normal when the user closes any layer, that means when the user is back to the base slide they will be able to replay the full slide audio as they wish.



Brenda Hahn

Ohp! Nevermind Helen!  I figured it out!    

I have another question... 

I just copied the original audio file and pasted it in my timeline.  The whole file only runs 19 seconds.  But the copied file extended my overall timeline to 167 seconds.. and I can't drag it any shorter than that.  Strange, isn't it?  I don't want the users to think they will be stuck there for such a long time.  Any thoughts on shortening the copied audio file in the timeline?

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