audio overlaps when you go back to a slide and hit refresh

Jul 18, 2013

I have a slide with multiple layers. The base layer and all other layers have audio. The base layer is set to "resume saved state" when revisiting, so that it can maintain the visited states of buttons (so the learner knows what they've already clicked on). All of the layers are set to "reset to initial state" when revisiting and "pause timeline of base layer" is selected.

It plays fine when you are going through the published course. However, when you click next to go to the next slide, and then click previous to go back to the slide and then click the refresh button in the playbar, if the base layer audio hasn't completed yet it will finish playing the base layer audio as well as the audio for the last-selected layer (while you are looking at the last-selected layer). Honestly, I'm not sure which audio it should be playing (the base layer or the last-selected layer) but it should only play one of them.

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