Audio does not replay when revisiting layers

Jul 18, 2013

I have a slide with 4 layers. All layers have audio but layer 4. 

The main layer is set to Reset to Initial State so the audio will replay when revisiting. There are 3 buttons on the main layer that take the user to layers 1-3.

Layers 1 , 2, and 3 are set to Reset to Initial State. They each have a button the user must click when they are done that hides that layer, and also changes the state of the related button on the main layer.

Layer 4 is an arrow that points to the NEXT button when the state of all 3 buttons on the main layer are Visited. 

Actually, my Subject line above is not completely accurate. Audio does not replay when revisiting layers IF that layer's audio has already played to the end. IF, however, I don't allow a layer's audio to finish (by clicking the button to hide the layer prematurely), then when I go back to that layer, the audio starts from the beginning. I'm struggling to understand the logic to this.

I found that the user can click the Refresh icon on the seek bar to replay a layer's or slide's audio, but this is not the preferred method as it seems to function inconsistently.

What can I do so that the user can revisit a slide and all layers to review everything, including the audio?

Thanks for any help!

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Nicole Legault

Hey there Jill!

You should be able to fix this problem by adding a Slide Level trigger on each slide with the audio that says "Play Media "Sound1" When Timeline starts on this slide"

 Inserting this trigger should ensure that the audio always restarts when you revisit a slide. I also created a simple .story file where I tested this out, and I attached it to this thread in case you want to see exactly how I made the trigger. =) Hope this helps.

Jill Freeman

Hi Nicole. Thanks for the advice -- I had already tried this trigger but forgot to mention it in my initial post. In your attached story file, I added a seekbar and it behaves the same as mine (described below).

This trigger DOES cause the media to always play upon return, but it causes strange behavior with the seekbar. Upon return to the layer, as the audio is playing, the line in the seekbar moves along, but it doesn't allow you to "seek."  The timeline plays, including an animated object at the end, but even if I click in the seekbar near the end, the audio does not jump ahead to where I clicked. It just keeps playing. Weird, huh? Note that on my main slide, the seekbar behaves as it should, because I don't have the trigger placed there.

Of course, I can change it to "Allow seeking: No" on this screen, but it might confuse the user becasue it would not be consistent with the rest of the course.

It may be a bug, but it may also be result of a combination of my triggers and settings.

One more thing I noticed: Even with the trigger on the main layer, audio does NOT replay when the other layers are closed IF it has played to the end. (It actually would not make sense, though, to replay the audio again when they are still clicking through the items on the main screen. I just find it interesting that the trigger does not work.)

I'll include my slide here for your review. Please let me know if you think I should submit a ticket. Thanks! -Jill @ Digital Harbor

Nicole Legault

Good morning Jill!

Interesting. I've examined your file a bit more closely, and that is indeed odd seekbar behaviour. think it might indeed be a good idea to submit a support case.

On the note of the audio NOT restarting on the main layer (even with the Play Audio trigger) if it has played to the end, I believe the reason this is occurring is because we are not actually leaving the slide -- we are simply visiting other layers that are located on the same slide. I added another slide, just to test this out, and if you actually leave the slide to go to another slide, and then return, the Audio does indeed restart.

I think you might be able to get your file working the way you'd like by using individual slides, instead of layers on one slide. =)

Wayne Vermillion

As a follow-up, my problem is that the audio does not play on the slide when it's revisited by users, even though the audio is not on a particular layer (audio is in timeline) nor is specifically triggered the first time. Must I insert a trigger directing the audio to play whenever the timeline (re)starts to accommodate returns to the slide? If so, is there a mass way to do this for my 92 screens, or must I insert this trigger individually on each slide?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wayne,

So are you leaving the slide or leaving the base layer? There isn't an easy way to add a trigger to each slide, although you could use the copy/paste functionality of the triggers and will then need to edit it for each audio file. In regards to general revisits by users (not just coming back from within a layer) what do you have set up as your slide's revisiting properties? I'd set it to "reset to initial state" if you'd want the audio to play everytime. 

Antonio A

Hi everyone,

My issue is very similar to what you are talking about here, but i am using SL2. The audio do not replay when revisiting a layer. I have an slide with 7 buttons and i have 7 layers where each button link (each layer has a button to close it). I want the audio in each layer start playing again when the user revisit it clicking the button in the slide again. I set the layer properties to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state" but it work just if the student goes out from the main slide to another slide and come back to the slide where the 7 buttons are. If the student click button 1 and close it and then click button 1 again the audio keep replaying in the same place where it was when closing or do not play at all if when closing the audio had already finished.

I tried the tiger Nicole is talking about in the top of this page but the audio still doesn't play.

I am attaching an screenshot of my layer settings and the tiger I added too.

Thanks for any help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Antonio, 

Thanks for sharing the file here - I took a look at the file, and focused on just a couple layers - layer "Comment2" is working as expected with the audio replaying when the user visits that layer again if you've set the layer properties to "reset to initial state". The layer "comment 1" has a trigger to play the audio, and that seems to be interfering with your revisit to allow the audio to play again. 

Antonio A

Thanks a lot Ashley, you are a genius! Now it work!!

Sorry another question, do you know what should i do in when I have an slide and a layer (playing audio) and I want the student not to be able to click in the prev or next buttons (placed in the slide) until the audio in the layer finish and the student close the layer clinking the closing button. That way i am forcing the student to listen the audio in the layer before moving into the next slide.

Thanks a lot

Kataryna Nemethy

Hello! I realize this thread is several years old, however I've run into the same issue in SL3.

I've tried all iterations of suggestions mentioned above to no avail.

(This is but one slide, though I've used this format repeatedly throughout several modules.) The odd thing is... the audio worked as intended several days ago (to the best of my not-so-stellar-memory).. bizarre?

Kataryna Nemethy

Thanks for getting back to me.

Apologies! The incorrect sound does not replay... (users are prompted to 'try again' until they  mark the answer correctly).

(FYI, I have managed a workaround for this particular module in the interim.. oddly enough however, other modules that were built w/ the exact same format/structure are not generating this glitch!)

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