Audio does not replay when revisiting layers

I have a slide with 4 layers. All layers have audio but layer 4. 

The main layer is set to Reset to Initial State so the audio will replay when revisiting. There are 3 buttons on the main layer that take the user to layers 1-3.

Layers 1 , 2, and 3 are set to Reset to Initial State. They each have a button the user must click when they are done that hides that layer, and also changes the state of the related button on the main layer.

Layer 4 is an arrow that points to the NEXT button when the state of all 3 buttons on the main layer are Visited. 

Actually, my Subject line above is not completely accurate. Audio does not replay when revisiting layers IF that layer's audio has already played to the end. IF, however, I don't allow a layer's audio to finish (by clicking the button to hide the layer prematurely), then when I go back to that layer, the audio starts from the beginning. I'm struggling to understand the logic to this.

I found that the user can click the Refresh icon on the seek bar to replay a layer's or slide's audio, but this is not the preferred method as it seems to function inconsistently.

What can I do so that the user can revisit a slide and all layers to review everything, including the audio?

Thanks for any help!

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