Need Help with Drag & Drop Images, Please!

Apr 25, 2014

Hi There,

I created this game for our new hires, and everything works perfectly... except the drag & drop items are being dropped in FRONT of the buckets, instead of BEHIND them, which is what I wanted, to make it look like each item was IN the bucket... now, I know items in the Timeline are supposed to be stacked bottom-to-top, so that images can be behind or in front of others... well, I've done this, but during the interaction, it still looks wrong. Can you take a look at my file and let me know if I can fix this? Thanks!!

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Patrick  Gurczynski


I'm not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but I believe I discovered a workaround in Storyline. I created a new layer with just the trash cans that displays when the timeline on the first layer begins. I altered the layer so that you could still click on the baseline layer, and changed the targets to a series of nearly-transparent boxes (white, 98% transparency). I have tested it a couple of times. Looks like it should work. I'll attach my Storyline file. Let me know if you need anything else.

Good luck!


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