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Jul 16, 2015

I am pretty new at building the logic for interactions and am stumped by this one. I am trying to create logic for the following. 

On a single slide:

  1. There is a text entry field for which the correct response is a full stop.
  2. When they type the full stop in the  text entry field they go to a layer telling them they have it right with a Continue button to go to the next slide.
  3. There is also a Next button in the player which is the wrong response. If they hit Next they  go to a layer telling them they have it wrong and to try again. They return to the base layer.
  4. If they type any other key except the full stop in text entry field they go to the same layer as step 3 a layer telling them they have it wrong and to try again. They return to the base layer. Is there a variable for "any other key except the full stop" ?

Then I want the next slide to do the reverse, with the Next button correct and anything in the text field including the full stop, wrong. 

Can anyone help?

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Walt Hamilton

Use a variable to help you:

Adjust variable IsCorrect to TRUE if user presses .

Set trigger:  jump to layer Correct if IsCorrect = TRUE
Set next trigger: jump to layer Incorrect

The first trigger sets a variable if they press the right key.

The second jumps to one layer if the variable indicates they pressed the right key.

The third jumps to different layer if they press any other key

Walt Hamilton


Sorry, but it looks like I shot off my mouth before I completely understood the press key trigger. Storyline does not provide any method of using a keypress for a trigger, unless the right key is pressed. If the wrong key is pressed, the text box has to lose focus before anything is done.

So it looks like your options are:

1. Have the user type in the text box, and press TAB when they finish. Then you can assign the result to a variable and show layer Good if they press . or else show layer Nah.

2. Write a trigger for every possible keypress.

3. Give the user the choice to click an icon of the . key, or Next button, or something similar.

Sorry.  Maybe it is worth a feature request.

Christine Kent

OK, thanks for trying. It is workable as it is because the system does nothing if they do not type the full stop, so eventually they will press the Next button which which give them the Incorrect response and tell them to type the full stop. Pity though. I'm still experimenting to see how I can make any interaction competency based, and this structure seemed to be one option - at least for something simple.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

I'm glad Walt was able to walk through  this with you. In regards to your initial question about a trigger or variable for "any other key except the.." its not currently possible unless you were to set up a trigger for any other possible combination. It sounds like a good idea to share in the form of a feature request. 

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