Need help with simulating tap and drag

I need some input on how to design an activity that simulates a mobile app.

The app brings up several lists that are too long to display in their entirety. Instead of having a scroll bar, you just tap and drag the list to scroll down.

I want to emulate this for an interaction, but my users will often be using a computer, and not a tablet. So I think the closest action is to click and drag to scroll. However, I can't figure out how to do it. 

One more wrench to throw in there: the list is interactive. It has items that can be clicked to bring up layers. 

Anyone want to help me with this one? Thanks in advance!


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Rena Maguire

Hi LH,

Yes, a scrolling panel is my back-up plan if I can't make the click and drag action work. It's not my preference, because the training is for software which doesn't make use of scroll bars. It may not be intuitive for the people I'm training that you can tap and drag on a screen to scroll, so I'd like to mimic the action in my training.

Thanks for you input!