Need help with Storyline 2 Course

Jun 20, 2018

I created a course that I need to drop off the LMS if the learner does not pass all the questions (which are all on independent slides). I have it linking to a "you did not pass" slide and then when they click Next it goes to the Results slide and this I have linked to an intranet site. It is not working. It does go to the you did not pass slide and to the results slide but it will not drop off their course list or show as failed. It does work if they pass all questions.

Can I download my published file somewhere for someone to take a look at?

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Sharon Smith

So, I reworked this course and removed the link to the website and marked the results slide to be submitted when timeline starts (like other course have) and added a Next button and by user for advance; well, now the result slide just sits there when you click the Next even though I have it saying submit results when user clicks Next. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for reaching out to us. Try these steps, and let me know if it makes a difference for you. 

  • On the Results slide, be sure the trigger says Submit Results when the timeline starts.
  • You can add the URL to the intranet site either on the Results slide itself, or on the next slide. You can also add an "Exit button" with a trigger to Exit course when the user clicks the Exit button.
  • Remove the Next button on the last slide, since there isn't a next slide to jump to.
  • When publishing for LMS, click Reporting and Tracking. On the Reporting tab, select Report status to LMS as: Passed/Failed

After following those four steps, come back and let me know if it worked for you!

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