Need help with Storyline Layers - Newbie Here

Feb 06, 2014


I just started using Storyline yesterday. 

My first slide is about 90 seconds.  I have inserted and created two new layers, They're both supposed to start at about 25 seconds and last until about 33 seconds on the timeline.  But they're not playing on the timeline.  I've watched a few of the tutorials, but my issue was not addressed there.

It's probably something simple - just need help ramping up.


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Steve Coscia

Thanks for the example. 

I guess I'm not understanding how layers work on the timeline.

When a layer is first created, it is only a few seconds in length and since I needed the content to begin at 25 seconds, I extended the few second layer to the full length of the slide (about 90 seconds).  Is this incorrect?

Sorry that I am not getting this.

Tim Slade

Hi Steve,

So, take a look at the attached Storyline file. To do what I think you were trying to accomplish, I simply removed the items from the layers and had them animate in on your base layer, just as you did with the other objects. 

Again, I don't know if this is what you were trying to do. But if so, I would say this is the best way of going about it. I typically wouldn't use layers to accomplish this.

Let me know. THANKS!


Steve Coscia

Yes Tim, that is what I wanted to accomplish.  Thanks.  I actually thought of doing that early on, but I was trying to not clutter the time line.  I mistakenly assumed that's what Layers were for.  I guess I still don't fully understand Layers - I just started yesterday so I am really new at this.

Thank much.

-steve Coscia

Tim Slade

Hey Steve, 

It's no problem. I agree that the timeline can get cluttered very easily. That's why it's so important to properly name each of the items within your timeline - which it looks like you we're doing. For someone just starting with Storyline, you're doing a great job!

As for layers - they're good when you want to create something like a "pop-up" box or some other interactive element. There's plenty of uses for layers, but in this case for you, keeping all of the items on the base timeline is best.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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