Need help with TRIGGER

Jan 19, 2017

Hi, community!

I need to drag and drop an object over a specific hotspot, but I want that object to show a layer when the participant clicks on it to start dragging it. The "when user clicks on the object" trigger is not working for me, cause the participant would have to click and release the mouse for the layer to appear, and I want the layer to appear the first time you click on the object to drag it (not releasing it).


I hope my question is clear!

Thank you,


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Crystal Horn

Hi Pamela!  What you might want to try using is the "When object dragged over" trigger so that you can drag your item and show the layer at the same time.  But you have to drag it over something, so I created an example slide with a huge hotspot on top of my background, a starting hotspot where the drag item sits, and then a correct hotspot (which you already have) where the item should be dropped.  When the item is dragged off of its starting hotspot and over the huge hotspot, it will trigger the layer to show while you're dragging to the right place.

Maybe this is something that will get you working in the right direction!  You might get other ideas from the community, too! :)

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