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Hi all, 

This is an issue I've struggled with before and changed my trigger choices because I couldn't find the solution but I figured this time I'd better ask. I've attached the file. I very simply want layer 1 to appear once user clicks anywhere on base layer, then i'd like layer 2 to appear once user click again (anywhere on screen) so and so forth. I can only get the first trigger to work correctly, I've tried various methods but cannot get the simple outcome I want without having the user click an object or to have the layers appear automatically which is not what I want. Thanks in advance.

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Susi B

Hi Farai,

I duplicated your slide and added a count variable with triggers showing the layers and a rectangle outside of your layer. So when the user clicks once, it adds +1 to the variable and shows the first layer. 2 clicks = layer 2; 3 clicks = layer 3 etc. See attached file.

Is this how you want it to behave?


Farai Manwa

Hi Susi,

I figured I'd ask you directly as I now know you are awesome with triggers. I have another issue, I initially had a hover over trigger and then applied a 'flashing glow' and now the hover trigger wont show I'm assuming it's something to do with the timeline lengths I've applied to the flashing as I can get a quick snippet of the hover content before it starts. I've adjusted what I can but haven't been successful. Thank you in advance.

Susi B

Hey Farai,

I´m not sure I understand correctly what you want to do, but I build you something. :) The icons are flashing constantly and I did a hotspot over each icon so its easier to get the mouse over triggered. Because if you use pictures with transparent background you have to hit exactly the outline of the icon to show the text. The text on the baselayer has the initial state hidden and I added triggers to change the state of them to normal when you hover over them and back to hidden, when you`re not hovering over them anymore.

I hope this is how you wanted it to behave. If not pls tell me more about what you want to do. :) See attached file.



Edit: If you use different layers and want more than one layer to show, you have uncheck the first box of your layer options, which closes all the other layers. :) That´s why it didn´t work in the first place because you looped the flash layer. :)