Trigger to move to next slide from final layer using hotspots

Mar 17, 2022

Hello, I am familiar with similar programs but new to Articulate, so forgive me if this is a fundamental question.

I am building several training modules.

  1. I am not using the timeline - the user clicks or swipes to advance. 
  2. I am using layers to add more content to a slide. I am using full-screen hot spots, so they can click anywhere on the screen to advance. Once the user clicks, the next piece of content is displayed. I want it required that they see every layer before moving to the next slide.
  3. I am also using full-screen hotspots on every slide (on the base layer if there is only one layer and on the final layer if there are layers), so the user may advance by clicking anywhere on a slide to advance, as well as using the advance and previous arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

So, here's my problem - it's only when a slide has multiple layers.  If I leave the "click or swipe to advance" trigger for the user on the base layer, the user is able to use the advance arrow button to advance to the next slide before they see of all the content on a screen.

I am unable to add the "click or swipe to advance" trigger to any other layer; it's attached to the base layer. That means that the advance arrow button doesn't work on the final layer; the user must click on the hotspot to advance. I've tried adding a state of Visited on the content in the final layer but that didn't work. I want them to have both choices. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Robert Stryker

Hi Melissa,
You may consider adding a trigger to the base layer that changes the state of the Next button to disabled when the timeline begins.
Then add a trigger on the final layer to change the Next button to enabled.
That should handle the issue for clicking Next, but I can't vouch for whether the disable trigger will prevent advancing by swiping any of the layers. It should but I haven't tested it using a mobile device.

There are other ways to handle this. I'm attaching a story file that uses a "counter" variable to allow participants to click the Next button or the shapes interchangeably. Hope it helps!