Need ideas for an interesting way to present examples other than scenario

Jul 03, 2016

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate some help coming up with an interesting way to present some examples other than through scenarios. 

The premise I want to use is that of a new employee meeting coworkers for the first time and they begin to tell him a few "you won't believe the things we've seen while working here" examples. The new employee won't be answering any questions at this stage, so I don't want to use scenarios. 

Anybody have any ideas for an engaging way to present a "list" of anecdotes from the coworker characters?



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Mahalia VanDeBerghe

Hi Charlain!

You could have the new employee "interact" with the coworkers, clicking on them and hearing their stories, and the new employee can respond with something like "tell me more..." - and the user clicks on the response to continue hearing the story, not asking questions but moving the story along. 

Depending on what the stories are about, perhaps the user could interact with objects in the setting on the screen to learn more about a story associated with it? For example, a comment card filled out by a customer that's posted on the bulletin board.

Looking forward to hearing how it turns out, sounds like a fun project!

Amy L.

Building on what Mahalia suggested: depending on the work context, if employees work near each other, you could have the background be work setting--cube farm, kitchen, slaughterhouse--and each employee is working in at their desk or in their location in the setting. Then the learner clicks each coworker, and the scene changes to the setting or image of what happened/what the employee witnessed. I think bringing the anecdotes alive with images of them would be a good way to make them more engaging than just text. Have the anecdote happen in the eLearning versus a text description.

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