Need Slider 1 to move Slider 3 without effecting the position of Slider 2

Jan 16, 2020

Hi all,

I've got an issue that I can't wrap my head around. I've got 3 sliders that each have 3 positions. I need Slider 1 to move the position of Slider 3 without it moving the position of Slider 2. However, I need the position of Slider 2 to be taken into account when moving Slider 3.

I've attached my file and I've got an example of what I'm trying to achieve below.
Example; if Slider 1 is at 9,500 and if Slider 2 is at 100 then move Slider 3 to 99%

There is a table on there with all the possible positions I need to be able to shift them to.

Hopefully, someone is able to help explain how I could do this.

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Walt Hamilton

Looking at your table, only Slider 2 has an effect on Slider 3. If that is really the actual interaction, it is simple. Attach Slider3 to Variable MTTRSlider, and Design it with a start of 3, an Initial of 3, and an End of 1. Works perfectly.

If as I suspect, this is merely a simplified example of what you want, the principle still holds true. There are two ways to make this work. If there is a mathematical relationship between the numbers, write triggers to do the math, and assign that value to Availability%Slider. If that variable is assigned to Slider3, it will move.

In the current example, you could subtract 4 from Slider2's variable, multiply it by -1 and assign it to Slider3's variable. Or you could do as I did, and reverse the travel of Slider3 and attach it to Slider2's variable. If your real application needs both Slider1's variable and Slider2's variable to interact, you need to find a math formula that will accurately describe their relationship. Write the triggers to do the calculations, and assign the result to Slider3's variable.

If you can't find a mathematical relationship, the other way is to write 9 triggers:  Assign 1 to Slider3's Variable on Condition Slider1 is 1 and Slider2 is 1, etc.

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