Slider unusual behaviour

May 12, 2021

I am using two sliders “interconnected” so that when slider 1 is moved, slider 2 resets to position 0  Likewise, if slider 2 is moved, slider 1 resets to 0. When a slider is moved, it displays  a layer specific to the slider and slider position.

What I have achieved in most part works OK. For example, when slider 1 is moved to position 3 then layer1-3 is displayed and slider 2 resets to 0. Then if I move slider 2 to position 5, layer 2-5 is displayed and slider 1 resets to 0


 If slider 2 is at position 5 and displaying 2-5 and I then I move slider 1 to position 3, slider 2 resets correctly but layer 1-3 is not displayed. If I then moved slider 1 to position 4, release the slider button and then move the slider back to position 3, the layer is displayed correctly. This problem only occurs with slider 1. If I repeat the action reversing the slider order, the problem does not occur.

The explanation is a little convoluted so I have mocked up an example in the attached zip file. Any thoughts as to why this is happening please

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug,

Thank you for describing what you saw in your project with the sliders, and yes, the .story file was beneficial.

I made some adjustments so that I could understand what was displayed when. In short, anytime you jumped from one slider to the next, the initial layer for the zero value of the other slider took precedence.

It does not look like there is any content on these values, so I'm not sure you need these layers/triggers at all. I've attached my sample project with those triggers disabled so that you can understand the difference.