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Jun 12, 2018

    So I have a course that is broken up into "Missions" at the end of each mission they need a minimum score from that mission to pass. We have two buttons, one that advances them, and one that allows them to retry the mission.

    In each mission there are two Question Slides each worth 10 points. The final mission contains the courses definitive results slide that reports to the LMS and tracks all 6 questions throughout the course (3 missions).

    My question: I am having difficulties resetting the Question slides in each individual mission to allow a user to re-try them (specific to just one mission). Is there a way prior to reaching the definitive results slide that I can use triggers to reset a question/quiz slide if a user revisits it, and allow a new score to be added to their overall point value.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Justin.  Does each of your missions have its own results slide?  The easiest way to reset your mission questions would be to include a retry quiz option on the mission results slide were your learners can revisit and retake the question.

If you've got a working copy that you can share, the community would be happy to have a look!

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