Need some iinspiration

Sep 13, 2012

Hey folks!

I need a bit of inspiration. I have to create an eLearning module that includes all of our products. Basicially it's a product overview. It currently exisits as three plain old power point presentations and for some reason I'm at a loss to make it look better. Anyone have any ideas for templates to use, how to arrange the material on the slides, what type sof interactions to incorporate?!

This was supposed to be an easy project, but I think that I'm over thinking it for some reason!

Any thoughts/ inspirations would be awesome!!

Thanks everyone!!


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Zdravko Gunjevic


good point!

I've attached one of the three current power points. Very plain, bland and boring.

I want something that's fun and a bit interactive. One of the things that's running through my head is for the learner to "travel" to various cities around the world and discover products on their journey.

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