The Shuffle button is not working in Matching Drag and Drop

Sep 28, 2019


I'm creating a matching drag and drop quiz in storyline and obviously i need to shuffle the answers, but for some reason it won't let me shuffle? any ideas?  

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Khrystal San Diego

Hi Joe!

This article confirms that "Shuffle: In a Matching Drag and Drop question, the Shuffle answers option is not available."

The shuffle is disabled because this question type (Matching Drag and Drop question) shuffles by default. You can verify it upon Preview, you should see all the choices shuffled up.

In case the answer choices are not shuffled during Preview or after it has been published, I encourage you to submit a case thru this link to the Support Engineers so they can take a look at it. :)

Hope this helps! :)



Soren J Birch

This problem is still present in Articulate Storyline 360 v3.68.28887.0

Matching Drag & Drop answers does not shuffle, no matter what settings I use. I have enabled the Reveal drag items one at a time to avoid overwhelming the learner with multiple options. But when you do that, you are forced to order the responses. But if I disable that, the object reveals still follows the same order.

I also submitted a case on # 03407071 - but this feels like an error in the software's way of handling Matchin Drag & Drop.