No Shuffle Option for Matching Drag & Drop

Hello All,

I am working with Storyline 4:1311.1422 and I added a Quiz slide using Insert (tab) -> New Slide -> Quizzing -> Graded (tab) -> Matching Drag and Drop.

I noticed that when I click on the Edit Matching Drag and Drop button I have no option to shuffle the answers!  I filled everything in and saved it and sure enough there is no option to shuffle the answers.  This means that the order I place the Drag Object and the Target is exactly how it shows up in the quiz, which defeats the purpose of using a drag and drop interaction.

I have followed the same steps from story view and from within a question bank, but I still find the Shuffle option greyed out.

Please let me know if you are experiencing the same thing.


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Adrian Dean

Hi Pedro,

The shuffling of answers is something that isn't currently possible in Matching Drag and Drop questions. It would make a nice feature request though,

There is the option of using a Freeform Drag and Drop as mentioned here. That would allow you to shuffle answers.

Always Happy to Help,