Need state for button release

When using buttons that jump to other slides or layers on a Samsung tablet, pushing a button with your finger frequently jumps ahead multiple slides/layers (no matter how light I touch the screen). Checking for "down" or "visited" state to jump to the next slide/layer isn't enough to stop it. The transition to the new slide/layer happens so quickly that the button state is still down/visited when the new slide/layer starts. I have the layers set  to reset to initial state and have even tried setting the button to "normal" when the timeline starts. Nothing seems to help. This only seems to happen on the Samsung Galxay tablet.

What I think I need is a state for when the button is released. Is there a set a trigger to do that?

Thank you.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Debbie,

There is a great article here that describes all the built in states for buttons, and the "Down" state is the state of a button while it's being clicked, so once you've clicked it and moved on it would likely change from "Down" to "Selected".

Also, I just wanted to point out the general viewing requirements here in regards to the types of devices and browsers for viewing Storyline content.