Need Suggestions for Scoring/Completion in LMS

Aug 12, 2015

I may have created a monster and need some advice.  I have a module that begins with a quiz.  If the participant passes, they go to an acknowledgement slide and can exit the course.  If they don't pass, they are directed to take the full course and re-take the quiz.  Here is the problem - The participant can select one of five languages in which to take this course.  How can I track completion?  I don't necessarily need their score as they have to receive a passing grade to get to the acknowledgement slide and exit the course.  I thought about counting slides, but some may only go through the 10 questions where as others will go through the entire course plus the 10 questions.  Is there a way to create a hidden completion slide (with or without their score) that is triggered when they hit the exit course button, so that regardless of which language they select all will exit on the same slide and be given credit for completion?

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I have been using the javascript


for this.

If you set a results slide that people are unable to get to and set your publish settings to base completion on that slide so that Storyline can't override your setting then you can use the javascript to manually set the LMS to complete whenever you like.  Just set an execute javascript trigger one whatever button or timeline you like.

It has been working well for me lately.


Karen O'Brien

Still struggling with this module.  I have it working as individual modules, but when I combine two of  the modules, the scoring will no longer work in either module.  I have tried adding a hidden results slide to end the course and report as completed.  But since I can't get the individual quizzes to score, so no one advances to the acknowledgement page to complete the course.  The quizzes have no connection so I'm not sure why this has become an issue.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Are you tracking/reporting the score based on the Javascript elements as mentioned above or using the standard quiz questions/results slides? The  latter I could take a look at and offer advice and if using Javascript the community may be able to weigh in - so you may want to look at sharing your .story file here with us. 

Karen O'Brien

I am using the standard results slides for the quiz in each module and I added a results slide with the java script at the end to pass completion to the LMS.  The problem arises in that once I combined two modules, the quizzes no longer pass the results so no one receives a passing score to continue.  I tried attaching the .story file, but it may be too large.  Is there a size limit?


Karen O'Brien

Thanks still don’t have a resolution.  Fixed language one, but as soon as I import language two, some of the results slide options are removed (greyed out) which seems to prevent the scoring from working correctly.  Very frustrating, but I will keep plugging away until we figure this out.  In the mean time working with our LMS administrator for an alternative distribution process.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt,

I'm not sure if Karen is still subscribed to this thread or not, but I looked back to her case and discussion with John and it seems she ended up creating a separate course with a new results slide - as each course can only be tracked by one results slide/method - so she was needing to track more than one. 

Hopefully she'll respond here as well or you're welcome to contact her using the "contact me" button on her profile. 

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