Need to add a button on top of video?

Feb 25, 2015

I have a video (mp4) inserted into my Storyline 2 project, need to insert a shape on top of it to simulate a click to take the learner to the next slide. I can't seem to get the object to show on top of the video? Any ideas how I can accomplish this? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi LaRue!

This would be the expected behavior.

In Articulate Storyline 2, you can layer slide content on top of website videos and web objects. This layering will be maintained in your published output. However, when a learner hovers over the embedded web content, it'll temporarily move to the topmost layer, which may cover other objects on the slide. As soon as the learner moves their mouse so they're no longer hovering over the web content, it'll return to its original position behind other objects on the slide.

LaRue Martin

Ah. Yes, that will be a problem, as my goal is to simulate the click so that it happens directly on top of the video. At this point, clicking in the area where I've set the clickable object not only doesn't work, it makes the video start over again. Is there a way to disable this functionality??? And preferably, even allow an object to be on top and clickable? 

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