Need video to play from hard drive not output folder

Sep 30, 2015

We cannot stream large videos to our 500 + stores so we have our IT department send the video down to each store via a batch file. That video lives on the C: drive of local machines.

 I have linked videos through the use of  “web objects” and directed it to C:\LMS\VIDEOS\filename.html (Path to the video on the store’s local hard drive - every store is the same link)

I put in a support ticket to Articulate and here is the response I recieved:

"There isn't any way you can force Storyline to pull out the web objects from your local PC after publishing and viewing your course from your LMS provider. When publishing, it will always create a copy of your web objects from your local PC and place it under a folder in your output files.  The compressed output files will then be uploaded to your LMS. When you view your course, it will always pull up the web objects from the output folder which has been uploaded to your LMS."

Does anyone have a workaround for this or any suggestions at all? We cannot stream videos on our network and I need to get this fixed as soon as I can.

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Eric Bybee

I came across this discussion while doing a search.  Funny but this is just about identical to what I am up against.  The company I am working with is adamant that they cannot allow content to be streamed from within the course and want the video to be called from the Stores local HDD.  The folder location will be identical on the more than 4500 back office PC's, but if what I am reading here is accurate, there is not a way for me to call this file location to play a video...or is there?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to add that I am working in both SL-2 and Studio '13.


Jodi Albarano

Hi all, 

I have not come across a solution yet. I've tried several things such as using a web object, inserting as a file (Which is what I don't want to do) and using "jumptoURL" using javascript to redirect the link to the hard drive. Nothing has worked so far. The course is still pulling the video from the server, which means it's streaming. It refuses to look at the local hard drive.  Eric - I have the same issue. More than 500 PCs with the same folder location as well.  If anyone has suggestions I'm open to them! 

Bruce French

Could you not just link to it with a hyperlink rather than a web object? Have it open in a new tab (are you viewing the course in a browser?)  and write a html page that will play the video then close itself returning the user to the course, which should be the previous tab or background window.

If you're just linking straight to the video as a html are you expecting the browser to just play it or have you written some code to handle it?

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